Greetings Bassoonists!!

Welcome to my little spot in the grand world of cyberspace!! My name is Chad Taylor and I play and repair bassoons for a living. In the 21st century we have so many different makes, models, new, vintage, American, German, Thin Wall, Thick Wall, Long bore, Short bore and all sorts of various designs of bassoons available to all of us and to fit our own concept of playing. However, the bassoon is still an instrument that, while playable right out of the case, still needs much work and customization to transform it from something that just plays, into something that plays extraordinarily well with that elusive sound we all seek. The ONLY way to get our prized instruments to that goal is through the expertise, and knowledge of a bassoon technician. I have spent over a decade working with some of the finest bassoonists from major symphony orchestras, and teachers from major universities working together with their very own instruments to help them achieve what is the ultimate sound, feel, and playability.

Please feel welcome to browse my site. Look at what I do and have to offer and ask any questions you may have. I look forward to assisting you however I can!!