Repairs & Custom Services

A bassoon is a very complicated and expensive contraption. In order for it to work its very best it needs to be maintained and properly adjusted. Here is a list of some of the general repairs and services that I offer.

General Servicing

Initial service, including parts, $360-440 ($80/hour)


Fox®, Püchner, and wooden student instruments, $800

Heckel and others, $800-1000

Polypropylene Renard or Fox, $450

Contrabassoons, $2,000-3,000


     Price on request after instrument has been fully assessed & examined

Oil Treatments

Treating wood body sections with Raw linseed oil will revitalize the wood where the natural resins in the wood that have broken down and left the grain pores open which increases the leak factor in the wood. This slow drying oil from Sweden penetrates into the wood, fills voids, and gradually hardens and emulsifies over time. This will in turn give greater resonance, stronger projection, more weight to the sound, stabilizes wood swelling and shrinkage,and improves the sealing tightness of the instrument. This process is greatly beneficial to Heckels, Foxes & Moosmanns. Due to the natural tendencies of wood please be aware the process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to allow for bleed off of excess oil, stabilization of the wood, and curing of the oil. However the process is very well worth the time!! $350

Custom Keywork

Extended-range Keys
High D key, $700
High E key, $800
High F key, rebuild E key, $1500
Offset of E and F keys, $1500
Other configurations of E and F keys, $1650
Low C extension, $160
Replace a left hand 3rd finger plateau key with ring key, $250
Replace a left hand 3rd finger ring key with plateau key, $250

Keys involving the whisper key
High A bridge with roller, $185
Little finger whisper key system, $1500
Right thumb whisper key spatula, $1000
Whisper key lock, right hand, $250
Whisper key lock, left hand, $300
Whisper key system, $1500

Additional trill keys

Ab-Bb Trill Key $1500
Eb trill key, left hand, $575
Eb trill key, right hand, $650
Eb trill key, left and right hands, $1350


Little finger G#, $250
Little finger F#, $250
Low Eb, $250
Low C#, $250
Whisper key, $250
C#, $250
Bb, $250
Thumb F# with one roller, $250
Double Wide little finger F#, $475
Modified G# key, accommodating double wide little finger F#, $250
Low D, $250
Low C, $250

Palm guard for right hand, $80
Bb, $45
Spectacle, $90
Ab/Bb, $125
C# trill, $45
Body lock, $65
Balance hanger, $158

Bocal Repair 
Bocal cork, $15
Bocal dents, typical, $80 ($80/hour)
Bocal, replate, silver, $100
Bocal split (improvement but not to original condition), $85
Bocal tip split, solder, $45
Bocal vent button, replace, $40
Bore, light oil, $60
Key arbor, replace, $5-35
Pivot screw, replace with oversized pivot screw, $7

Body/Tenon Repair
Bell ring, $45 for Fox®, $250 for Heckels
Bocal socket, replace, $100
Post bushing, install, $30
Post-locking screws, replace, $7/screw
Socket liners, remove as necessary for repairs, $50
Socket splits, repair, $95
Spring staking screws, replace, $7/screw
Tone hole bushings, install in wood tone holes, $250
Tone hole, reface, $40/hole
Tone hole facing, replace, $120/hole
U-tube bracket, rebuild, $60
U-tube gasket, replace, $20
U-tube, line unlined side of boot to repair wood rot, $535

Tenon Repair
Bass joint tenon, cap with wood, $175
Bass joint tenon, replace, $300
Bass joint tenon, replace past tone hole, $400
Tenons, recork, $60
Tenons, restring, $60
Wing joint tenon cap, replace, $90
Wing joint tenon cap, secure, $40
Wing joint tenon, replace, $500 for Fox®, $550 for other makes
Wing joint tenon, replace with custom made cap, $200

Tuning and voicing is $80/hour. Additionally, certain repairs are necessary for tuning.
Tone hole liner, install, $250 for nickel silver $300 for rubber, or market price of silver
Replace existing metal tone hole liner, nickel silver $250
Replace finger tube if original is rubber, $250
Replace key ring, necessary with installation of most d tone holes liners, $105
Ream bore near U-tube, $100